It was a beautiful day for the Juventus fans when the club’s legendary coach Antonio Conte took his team to the Turin derby on Sunday.

However, for a fan who has spent his entire career playing in Serie A, this match was a bittersweet moment.

As a young boy, Conte had been playing in the league and the derby was his first derby match, as well as the first of his two appearances in the Italian capital.

When Conte scored against Sassuolo, the crowd was still singing, but for a young football fan like me, who had spent his whole life in the Turino and was already on the verge of leaving, the match was an emotional experience.

It was then that my father, Gianni, noticed something odd about the Juventus team, the ones who had won the Serie A title in 1996.

He had never seen so many of his friends playing in front of him, in front-to-back matches.

I wondered if it was because they were so young, so inexperienced, and were therefore more likely to play their heart out.

This question was answered on Sunday night.

Gianni had his first conversation with his son, Giovanni, who was just 10 at the time.

Giannis, who is from Pisa, was at his mother’s house in Pisa when the first news of the match broke.

When I was growing up, I was taught to have a good attitude.

But I didn’t have a positive attitude towards my mother.

She was always the one who would ask me to do things with my head down.

My parents were very strict and I was never happy to do anything for myself.

My father never told me to go out to the derby.

He always had me watch the highlights of the other teams games.

He also never asked me to buy a new football.

I was always watching football.

After watching the Juventus-Sassuolo match, Giannis had a strong feeling that something was wrong.

He asked me if I was ok.

I didn´t know what to say, I just kept thinking, ‘My god, I am so sick.’

I felt as if I had been sick in my house for a long time.

After a long period of waiting, Giannes son told me about the incident, and that he had told Conte and his team about it.

He told them that the Juventus supporters were the most stupid people in the world, and he asked them to not be stupid.

The Juventus fans responded to this, and began chanting in support of the fans.

I couldn´t believe it.

They were the biggest idiots I had ever seen.

They started chanting, ‘Juventus’ as if they were singing the anthem of Juventus, and ‘Go, Juve!’ and other such chants.

I could feel my stomach turning.

I was really angry.

I felt so bad for the fans, who were the ones that had ruined my football career.

I had worked so hard for this moment.

I told my father that I wanted to take my family to the Juventus match.

I wanted my father to feel better.

I said, ‘Father, I will not go.

I want to stay at home with my children.’

But my father wasn´t going to be the only one who stayed home.

His wife also refused to go.

They told him, ‘We will not let you go.’

They told me that my mother had told them what was going on.

They said, “You can go to your parents but you will have to go to the police.”

I said to my father and my wife, “Go and get your kids.”

I didn™t want to lose my life.

I just wanted to be with my family and my children.

But the police came and arrested them.

They tried to give me the wrong information.

I told them, “If I go to police, they will not take me.”

They took me to a police station and told me, “This is a crime.

You will have a long and tough prison sentence.”

I was so shocked.

I said to them, ‘They have done this to me.

You want to do this to your son?’

They said, ”We don´t want you to go, but we will do whatever it takes to get you out of there.’

“When they took me out of the police station, they took away my passport and my driver´s licence.

I have a copy of the letter that I received from my father.

I am not going to send it out.

I still remember the police officers who came and took me away.

It was the first time in my life I was treated like this.

When they took the letter from me, they told me they would call my mother in Italy and tell her what happened.

They took the money, my passport, and my car.

My father and I didnít even have to see each other again.

I didníts understand what had

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