By Amy A. Lee, CNNMoney contributorHow do you know if your credit cards are being used for fraud?

Google Wallet offers a tool that can tell you if your card is being used to buy things like gift cards, merchandise and goods.

To use the app, you need to download it on your phone and log in with your Google account.

From there, you can tap the “check my card” button and it will show a message that tells you if the card has been used for a fraudulent transaction.

If you do not see this message, it means your card hasn’t been used to make a fraudulent purchase.

But if you do, you might want to use the tool to verify whether the card is legitimate.

Google Wallet is a mobile wallet that works on Android and iOS devices.

The service is only available in India and China, which means the app can only work in India.

The service can’t be used to withdraw cash or use debit cards, but you can still make purchases using Google’s Wallet.

To do so, just sign in to your Google Wallet account.

To see if your Google Card is being charged for a purchase, open up Google Wallet on your Android phone or tablet and tap “check card.”

If your card shows up, tap “report.”

If you see “charge” as the message, you should check the “Charge Card” box to see if it’s being charged.

If not, you may have an invalid card.

In that case, just tap the check box again.

Google also has a page on its website where you can check your balance, the balance of your card, the amount you’re paying with your card and your total balance on your card.

If your Google Cards balance is higher than the amount of money you’re credited with, the app is not likely to help you.

For example, if your balance is $10,000 and you only owe $100 to the bank, the bank might not be able to give you the $100 you paid with your credit or debit card.

To make sure your Google cards balance is correct, go to Google Wallet’s website and sign in with a Google account that has the Google Wallet app installed.

Then, tap the “+” sign next to the card.

If you don’t see “+,” you probably have an expired card.

Then, tap your card to view your balance.

If the balance is above the “charge,” you’re likely to be charged.

If not, it’s likely you’re over the “balance.”

To get your balance back, go back to the Google site and sign out of your Google Account.

From here, tap on the “report” link.

Google Wallet may say that your account is suspended, but it’s not.

Google recommends that you report this if you think you’ve been charged or lost your balance too quickly.

To help you keep track of your balances, you also can check the Google Balance page to see the total amount of your bank account and your balance on the card you’re using.

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