How do I pay down my debt? 

The most common way of doing so is to get out of debt. 

But this isn’t easy, and not everyone has access to a payday loan or a credit card. 

If you don’t have the means to do so, here’s how to do it, with a little help from a friend.1. 

Ask friends, family, and co-workers for financial help Discharge your debts and debts to friends, relatives, co-worker, and acquaintances Make sure you ask your friends, loved ones, and colleagues for financial assistance. 

They may not have the same financial resources as you, so ask them for financial advice 2. 

Use a debt management plan A debt management strategy is a plan that you’ve created that includes all of the steps you need to take in order to pay off your debts. 

A good debt management process will include: Making an effort to pay down your debt as soon as possible, Working to stay in debt, Finding an alternative to paying off your debt, and Working with a credit counselor For more information on debt management, see our Dealing with Debt section of this guide. 

You may also want to check out our Debt Management: Understanding the Basics guide to help you understand how the steps above work. 


Find out what your options are for paying off debtsYou can make payments on your debt by: Debit card Payment plan(s) Cash advance(s): Cash advances from credit cards Credit card(s), bank account(s)–You may be able to pay a smaller amount of your debt off each month than you can by taking out a new card.

If you’re unable to do this, consider using a credit union or checking account. 

Cash-in advances: These are the same as credit cards, but can be used to pay monthly balances or to pay your rent. 

Check out our article on the best ways to pay bills and avoid debt in this new guide: Pay Your Credit Card Balance in 7 Steps for a Free Debt Negotiation Credit cards, bank accounts, and credit unions are great options for paying your credit card debt, but be careful to ensure that you’re paying your bills on time and within the debt limits you have. 

Be aware that some credit card companies charge interest on balances that are not fully paid off, so be sure to understand your terms and conditions and the fees you’ll have to pay. 

The more you use your credit cards to pay debts, the more money you’ll owe. 


Keep track of your financial records You can check your credit report for updates on your finances. 

This is particularly useful if you’ve been paying down debts that were created when you were younger and you’re unsure how to handle debt or your ability to pay it off. 

There are two ways to get a free credit report: Online and through a credit bureau. 

To check your score, go to Credit Karma and select the credit bureau you want to apply to. 

Your credit report will show you the latest credit score, including your credit limit, credit score range, and how much you owe.

It also shows whether you are delinquent on your debts, which could be a good sign. 

How to get your free credit score online: Find the credit score you want. 

Select the credit score you’d like to compare to.

Select Submit a payment plan. 

Payments can be made by credit card, bank account, or cash advance. 

Submit your payment plan online or by calling 1-866-333-6333. 

For credit card inquiries, visit your bank or credit union. 


Get an accountant’s help to help with debt managementYour debt management can be a complicated process, so it can be difficult to know exactly what steps you’ll need to go through in order for your debts to be paid off.

Here’s a guide to get an accountant or financial planner to help:1.

Ask for help. 

Do you need a debt-management plan, a collection agency, or a lawyer? 

You’re probably wondering if you can have a debt negotiation or collection agency help with your debt.

There are several types of debt collection agencies, and if you have a complaint or question about your debt collection agency or its services, contact them. 

Collectors can help you with: Refinancing your credit Discharging your debt or collection debts

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