In 1993, the then-57-year-old Mr Buffett took over the bank he had founded, Berkshire Hathaway.

At the time, the US economy was teetering on the brink of a recession.

The new boss of the company was former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volker.

Volker had spent the previous decade as the director of the US Treasury.

In the 1990s, Mr Volker was one of the most vocal proponents of the Bretton Woods financial framework.

Mr Volcker was also one of America’s top economists, and in 1997 he was appointed head of the Federal Reserve by then-President Bill Clinton.

While Mr Volkers reputation has never wavered, he has been widely criticised by both liberals and conservatives for his intervention in the US financial system.

Warren Buffett’s first bank he founded was in Omaha, Nebraska, and he had a hand in bringing down the US government in 1999 and 2003, after which he went on to become the world’s richest man.

In 2014, Mr Buffett launched the Vanguard Group, an investment company that now has more than $2 trillion in assets under management.

When it comes to the US Federal Reserve, Mr Warren Buffett is the leader.

The current Fed chairman, Jerome Powell, was the second Fed governor in the 1990a and the first to leave the position in 1994.

Mr Powell has been in the Federal Open Market Committee since 2007, and has served as chair of the National Association of Securities Dealers since 2014.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says he is not interested in being a member of a new group of Fed governors – even if they do vote for a plan to increase the Federal funds rate, he said on the CBS Evening News.

‘I want to be part of the next round’Warren Buffett is now the fifth richest man in the world, but the American financial system has been hit hard by his actions.

His actions in the 1970s and 1980s led to the financial collapse of the global financial system and led to a global recession that is still raging.

Many people feel he owes more than the $250 billion the US taxpayer has spent on bailouts since the crisis.

He has not paid a cent of the $2.6 trillion he has received from taxpayers, and as of February 2018, his personal net worth was just $5.9 billion.

“I don’t want to go back to being a rich man.

I want to have a job that will help the country,” he said in a recent interview with the New York Times.

And he has a simple message for Americans.

“I am not a politician.

I am not talking about policy, I am talking about life and death,” he told the newspaper.

“I am saying I will pay my taxes.

If they’re worth it, they are worth it.

If not, I’m not paying them.

I don’t care.”

Mr Buffett has also been accused of not paying taxes on more than a quarter of his wealth, which is estimated to be at least $4.5 trillion.

Although his wealth is so high, Mr Buffet said it was not the biggest factor in his decision to end his retirement.

According to Forbes magazine, he earned $4 billion from stocks, bonds and real estate.

But he has said he would like to give some of his riches back to the people who helped him make it.

“It’s not about wealth or money.

It’s about people who have helped me.

It is not about money.

There are a lot of people who would have benefited from my money,” he added. “

In some ways, I think it is just an accident of history.

There are a lot of people who would have benefited from my money,” he added.

 The full transcript of Mr Buffett’s interview can be seen on the PBS website.

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