Biden, in an interview with Reuters published Wednesday, called for a debt relief program for the families of fallen law enforcement personnel.

Biden, who is seeking a second term in November, is seeking the help of his fellow Democrats in Congress to help them pay for a $1.3 trillion stimulus package and other federal spending, a White House official said.

Biden’s comments come a day after the Senate approved the final version of a bill to provide relief for the widows and the survivors of law enforcement killed in the line of duty.

Biden told Reuters that “the American people are hurting” from the loss of their loved ones and urged lawmakers to pass the legislation to help ease the burden of paying for the measures.

Biden said he would work to help the widowed and survivors.

He added that “we’re going to have to work with the Congress to pass a debt forgiveness program that’s a reasonable amount of money to help us keep our promises to the American people.”

Biden, a Democrat who served as Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate in 2016, also called for “a comprehensive overhaul” of how the U.S. government spends its money, saying that it was “time to stop paying lip service” to the need for debt relief.

“It’s time to stop pretending that this is just a financial problem, or a tax problem, a debt problem or an infrastructure problem, an infrastructure that needs fixing,” Biden said.

The White House and congressional leaders on Wednesday agreed to a three-year extension of the current unemployment insurance (UI) program, which is expected to provide $873 billion in relief to help people struggling with unemployment.

The UI program is the nation’s largest public benefit program.

Obama administration officials said the current UI program expires at the end of the year, and it would be a major change for many Americans if it expired.

They also said the $872 billion in the current program would be available to help nearly half of the unemployed, or about 2.4 million people, get benefits through January.

The unemployment rate is projected to drop to 5.3 percent in January, down from 6.6 percent.

But it is expected that the economy will contract slightly, and the unemployment rate will likely remain higher than 5 percent.

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