Bankrupt attorney James Ledbetter is a former prosecutor in the US Senate who lost his bid to be a US Senator for Missouri. 

Mr Ledbetter, who has since retired from his law practice, said the current tax system had failed him, and he would continue to fight for justice for the poorest Americans in the country. 

“This is not the United States of America,” he said. 

“[This is] the United Kingdom of America.

This is a country that is a disgrace.”

The former prosecutor was a prominent critic of the US tax system. 

He was a co-author of a book called The End of Opportunity, and argued that the US was “in crisis” and that Congress should “get out of the way”. 

“The current tax code is broken, and this country has gone through some really severe economic pain,” Mr Ledbetter said.

“The government is the one who should be doing this, not us.”‘

The current system is broken’Mr Ledwell said the US government had a duty to address the issue of income inequality, and called on lawmakers to “get their act together”.

“This system is so broken and it is so corrupt that it is not even a viable system for this country,” he added.

“This country has to get its act together.

There has to be reform of the tax system.””

There is so much more work to do and it has to happen on this country.”

Mr Ledbest’s book The End Of Opportunity is the latest book to be published by the Ledbetter Legal Clinic. 

The organisation was set up in 2012 to fight the US income tax system, arguing that Congress needed to reform the system to ensure it was fair and equitable for all Americans. 

Its website says the goal is “to raise $1 billion to ensure that the American people are given the opportunity to elect the best representatives for the next generation of US presidents”.’

The law is corrupt’The former Attorney General, Mr Ledwell, said he believed Congress was being “corrupt” by failing to address income inequality.

“I don’t think it’s the case that they’re really focused on the fact that we have a system where the rich are making so much money that they can’t pay their fair share,” he told the ABC.

Mr Leadbetter said he was particularly upset that Congress had failed to address his clients’ plight.””

I think there is a lot going on that has to change and the law is being corrupted and that’s what needs to happen.”

Mr Leadbetter said he was particularly upset that Congress had failed to address his clients’ plight.

“My clients are the middle class.

My clients are people who have been thrown out of work, people who are living on food stamps and who are struggling just to survive,” he explained.”

They’ve been thrown through the door at the same time that the wealthy are being given all kinds of tax breaks, and I think that’s really unfair.”‘

Tax law is not broken’The Ledwell Law Clinic has been criticised for its website.

“If Congress was truly concerned about the plight of the poor, it would have passed the Taxpayer Protection Act,” Mr Leadbetter explained.”[But] the tax code doesn’t get broken by the government, it gets broken by politicians and the lobbyists that are in the tax arena.”

“They have to get out of their own way and the rich and corporations have been given so much tax breaks that the tax rate is way down.”

“And when you start to take away some of the loopholes that they’ve been using to evade taxes, you start really to have a problem.”

Mr LeBoeuf said he did not believe it was unfair to Mr Ledworth’s clients.

“People are really trying to do the right thing.

They’re trying to get ahead and make their families proud.

I think it was a mistake on the part of the current system to do something like that,” he remarked.”

It was a real shame that they didn’t have the courage to do it.”


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