People in India’s northern and central regions face a housing crunch, which has seen foreclosing on more than a quarter of homes, according to the latest report by the Centre for Policy Research.

The state of Bihar, which includes Jharkhand, has the highest number of foreclosers in the country, according the Centre.

More than 9.3 million people in Bihar have been forced to sell their homes, nearly a quarter.

Of these, more than 1.3 lakh have been sold to private buyers, which means their properties have fallen into disrepair and have been abandoned, the report said.

The report by Centre for Public Policy Research said more than one in four households in the northern and southern regions are now under the control of foreclosed-upon properties.

This is the worst state for this group of people. 

We are seeing the worst in Bihar.

People in this area are under constant threat of being evicted.

The people in Jharsi district, which lies on the border with Uttar Pradesh, are also struggling with the worst housing crisis in the state. 

There are many factors that are leading to the situation. 

Some of these factors include the lack of supply of affordable housing. 

The housing shortage has become so dire that the central government has issued more than 60,000 demolition orders. 

“This is not an anomaly.

We have witnessed the same situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

The government has not responded,” said Bishan Kumar, head of the Centre’s Housing Studies Group. 

As a result, the state is experiencing a “housing crisis” in areas such as the north, the Centre said.

“While the population of the North is being squeezed by a housing shortage, the housing crisis is also spreading to areas of the south,” the report added. 

This is a phenomenon that is becoming worse and worse in many parts of the country. 

In the western state of Gujarat, for example, nearly half of all homes in the region have been taken over by private buyers.

“There are people who are unable to sell homes.

There are people whose properties have been declared unfit for habitation. 

People are in a desperate situation,” said Vinay Chatterjee, a senior advisor to the state government.”

There is a huge lack of housing supply and this is why people are forced to abandon their properties.”

According to the report, the biggest source of housing shortages is the lack in available affordable housing, with almost one in five households in Gujarat being without access to affordable housing at least partly due to the lack, or the denial, of a building permit.

More and more people are also finding it difficult to get a building license in Bihar and other parts of India, the Central government said.

The Centre said that it has issued 1.8 lakh demolition orders in the last five years, while demolitions have also increased in some areas. 

While there is a shortage of affordable houses in Bihar, the number of households in this region who have been evicted has increased in the past few years.

“The total number of evictions in Bihar has increased by 20 percent from 2014-15 to 2015-16, which is a considerable increase,” said Dr Manjushri Prasad, an associate professor of economics and government studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

“It is likely that the trend will continue.”

The report said more and more housing units are being constructed by private owners.

“As a consequence, the shortage of housing has increased and the availability of housing for households in need has also increased,” the Centre noted. 

Despite the housing shortage and lack of affordable rental housing, private developers and builders are able to build houses in the form of units for the people who cannot afford them, it said.

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