When the US government first proposed the plan to help homeowners with foreclosed homes, it was greeted with mixed reviews from economists and homeowners. 

But the plan has had an impact, and there are signs that many homeowners have taken advantage of the offer. 

The National Association of Realtors said it had seen an increase in home sales, while the National Association for Home Builders said the increase was driven by increased demand for homes. 

“It’s a positive sign that we’ve seen an uptick in demand for foreclosed properties and that we’re seeing homeowners who have been left with mortgages that are unaffordable for decades,” said David Leitch, president of the National Home Builder Association. 

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The White House has made clear that the plan is designed to help Americans with mortgages in a time of economic distress, but the housing crisis is likely to affect a wider range of Americans in the coming years. 

Many of the borrowers who will benefit from the program will not qualify for a mortgage modification, but they may have access to a home equity loan. 

Under the plan, homeowners will receive monthly payments of up to $1,500. 

If they do not qualify, they will be allowed to pay the full amount and still qualify for the loan.

“This is a really important measure that is going to allow more homeowners to get back on their feet and get on their path to homeownership,” said Matthew Johnson, chief executive of The Home Depot.

“These are homeowners who are trying to do the right thing, and the government is helping them get back to a normal life.”

Mr Johnson said the initiative was designed to be a lifeline for borrowers who were struggling to get a loan.”[It’s] a measure that gives them a way to get out of their own homes and into a home they’re proud of,” he said. 

How does the program work? 

It is unclear what happens when borrowers apply for the program.

The Government Accountability Office said it was unclear if the program would apply to borrowers who have taken out a loan in the past, and if the government would apply the funds to the borrower or not. 

However, the government said it could make a grant to borrowers based on the borrower’s ability to pay. 

What are the other benefits? 

For borrowers, the plan will allow them to refinance their mortgages. 

Currently, those who are in the highest income bracket can refinance the loan for $750, up to a maximum of $1.3m, but borrowers in the lowest income bracket may only refinance for $500.

 The Home Depot said the company would also be able to reframe loans to help borrowers pay their mortgage. 

For the mortgage industry, the program could be a boon. 

 “This will allow a very large number of borrowers to refinances their mortgages and they will get a much better deal,” said Kevin Shumaker, chief financial officer at Fannie Mae. 

Can I use the money for a loan? 

No, the mortgage refinancing program only applies to the government. 

There is no cap on how much money a borrower can get from the fund, and many borrowers have been able to borrow more money to pay down their mortgages than they could ever repay. 

In addition, the fund is meant to help those who were unable to refloat their homes due to foreclosure. 

Who can use the program? 

Any borrower who was foreclosed on before April 16, 2019, can apply for a grant from the government, and eligible borrowers are likely to have a lower down payment. 

According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the average down payment is $1m for borrowers with a $500,000 down payment, and $1bn for those with a combined $1tn down payment (including mortgages). 

What happens if I lose my home? 

There are no guarantees that the money will be repaid to the loan holder, and there is no guarantee that the government will honor the payments. 

One lender, a New York-based lender, said it did not think the program had much impact on the rate of home sales in the US. 

Another lender, which did not disclose how many borrowers it serves, said the program only affected the borrower who lost their home. 

Where can I get help? 

You can apply online for a home loan.

A number of federal agencies, including the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and the Department of Veterans Affairs will help you with applications. 

Do I need a job to get the money? 

Yes, but you will need to apply to a lender first. 

A lot of people don’t know that the program has been rolled out until they apply. 

It has been announced that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the US’ largest lender, will begin accepting applications on September 3. 

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